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A Kind of Sort of Reversible Purse Made By Lil Ol Me!

I have not purchased clothes in several years.  
We are going to Oregon for a conference I was so wanting a few fun things to wear on the trip.  
I scoured my closet and pulled out several things that I thought I could alter and update and I am so excited to show you what I have done.  
It has been so much fun and just feel so excited that I have a few cute "new" things! 

I also needed a spring summer purse and so this what the first project I started on.  Isn't it too cute!!
This project was a NO COST project as I had everything in my craft closet I needed!

My inspriation was this gorgeous bag that
I met Joy last summer while working at the antique store where I have my booth and she was sporting this gorgeous creation!

 I had this book bag that was given to me at one of our AMF Conferences several years ago.
I decided to use it as a starting point.

I will try and do a tutorial after I get back.  I was thinking of Labeling it- How not to make a ruffle purse because I did so much of it wrong but learned from my mistakes so will have to try another one!
After much fumbling this is how it turned out- This is one side of the purse-

This side I used part of an embroidered tablecloth, eylet piece from a torn pillowcase,  muslin and  piece of barkcloth

I had some yummy pink barkcloth that I decided to line it with and make a few pockets
for my cell phone, note pad, etc.
Love those pom poms!

And here is the other side again.  This side has more crochet pieces from my stash of linens.  Of course more pom poms too!
I am so excited to do a little shopping with Vanna, and Adrienne with my new purse!!  
Oh, did I tell you I get the priveledge of meeting these 2 precious gals face to face!!

I can't wait to show you the other refashioned things I came up with.  
I'll give you a hint - one has a lot more of that pom pom trim being used on it!!
It might take me a little time so please be patient- 

I am joining Pink Saturday since there is some yummy pink this week and also 
these other parties-


Annesphamily said...

That purse is so darn cute! Thanks for sharing. Have a fun trip to Oregon. I would love to visit there sometime. Anne

salmagundi said...

How cute your bag is!! You'll be the hit of the party. Tell Vanna hello - she has the most incredible antiques - where does she find them all? Bet you'll have fun antiquing; I always see great stuff coming out of that area. When do you leave? We have a busy April - friends from Kansas City will be here for several days; then I'm going to a class reunion with gals from the boarding school I went to as a Freshman and Sophomore - 5 days, 4 nights at the La Fonda in Santa Fe - pretty ritzy for me! Take care, Sally

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Oh...I gotta have me one of those purses!! That is fantastic!!

Elyse said...

way to go, mary! beautiful work! i know that people are always getting ideas from anthropologie.com -- you might have fun poking around their site. pricey but lots of inspiration!

have fun


Olivia said...

Mary this is so pretty. I love it and I am sooooo going to try this.
I have wanted a ruffled purse too.

Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

HI Mary you have a winner here. I just love the variety of material and laces...all the ruffles...

Lacey said...

OMG!.. so sweet!..

Loretta said...

What a pretty purse. I love it! Enjoy your trip. Thanks for sharing. Luv-Loretta

lvroftiques said...

Oh Mary what an adorable purse!! And to think it was that plain (but useful) bag before? I think even I could do this...But I'm gonna wait for your tutorial first *winks* I can't wait to see you! ...Ahem.. and that pretty pom pom surprise *winks* Vanna

Crystal said...

The purse is awesome!! I've been wanting to try one myself....maybe I'll wait for your tutorial!!!! Have fun and bring us lots of pics back!!!

Divine Theatre said...

Wow! It's so pretty and trendy!

June said...

Mary this is too cute!!!! I have been wanting to make a ruffled bag for a long time, but I haven't got up the nerve yet. I think I'll wait for your tutorial now.
I am so sorry I haven't answered your e-mail yet. I found it in my spam box. I will be mailing you real soon with answers.
sending love!

nila1920 said...

this is precious! I woulda never thought to add to an existing tote! this is wonderful inspiration! thanks for sharing:D

blesid said...

This is the CUTEST THING EVER! Goodness, I wish I had the talent to whip that up. You are blessed!!!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi sweet lady...

I love, love, LOVE your ruffly purse, my friend! Mary, you are such a creative and talented lady! I stand in awe!!! I just love the fabrics and crochet lace that you used...sooo pretty! Girlfriend, you are going to have the time of your life in Oregon! What fun!!! I'm so glad that you are going to meet up with Vanna! I haven't bet Adrienne...hmmm...I will have to remedy that! When are you going, my friend? I'm so excited for you!!!

Love ya,

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Oops...just lil' ol' me again! I meant to say in my last note...that I haven't "met" Adrienne! Eeeks...it's late! Hehe!


Amanda said...

This is wonderful, looks so impressive!

I love all the different fabrics you used for the ruffles.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

You did a beautiful job and will be looking forward to your tutorial!!


Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

This is darling Mary. The pom poms give it a little kick.

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

This is the cutest purse!!! Can't wait for the tutorial. I love all the different fabrics and laces you used. ~~Sherry~~

alison said...

this is just lovely...i am thinking you have an etsy shop in your future? you are one very creative chick...thanks for joining fridays unfolded...a am following you too.


stuff and nonsense

Lastiques said...

I love this! What a great idea! I do a lot of altered clothing and purses. This will definetely be in the works shorlty. I'm cringing a bit because I just tossed a bunch of bags like the one you started with! AARRGGHH!! Oh well, I know they are a dime a dozen at the Goodwill and Thrift store. Thanks for sharing!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I adore your sweet purse~ swoon!

I am currently hosting an auction of vintage and antique linen treasures. Stop by and take a peek.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Michelle said...

What a great way to repurpose something! Stopping in from friday's show and tell hop, although I'm not linked up! :)

southernscraps said...

So girly, frilly, and romantic! I love it.

Ido said...

I love your purse! I was just trying to get ahead of the game and typing my post for Studio Sunday, it is about a purse too and the mistakes I made. Mine doesn't look at all like yours, yours is gorgeous! I can't wait for the tutorial.

Shabby Soul said...

Beautiful!! I just bought some cheap bags to do this myself & now I get to see how cute mine will (hopefully) turn out! Beautiful job, girlie!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Mary, you created a gorgeous purse, I just love it. And isn't it the truth; trial and error, but we always come out having learned good lessons.
Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!

Adrienne said...

Oh, Mary -
It's gorgeous! I can't wait to see you and your darling new bag. In person. For real. Soon. Very soon!

P.S. - Can you stay longer and help me make one, too?

angelfitch said...

I wish tha tI could crawl into your baggage! LOL! Most of my family is in Oregon and it's been a year since we left, so I'm missing them terribly! Have a fantastic trip! Take lots of pictures to share with us! :o)

Holly said...

I feel some inspiration coming on. This is so CUTE!!! Thanks for the wonderful idea. I hope you have a great time. I have a dear friend that travels to Oregon every year for her vacation...must be an amazing place!
Happy Pink Saturday.

pinkkandy said...

So cute...I think I might be making me one!
Happy Pink Saturday.....so fun to join in all the Pinkness...I pray for God to bless each one of you...giving you peace and strength...enjoy the day!

Cat & Cricket said...

I wish I could sew! I am in love with them all!
Gorgeous work!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

So sweet! I just love the scrappy layered look. I shared this on FJI Facebook as an SNS highlight. :)



Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Beautiful work!!!
Have fun shopping!

Susie Jefferson said...

This is so much fun - I think you'll have to fight them off as everyone is going to want one! Have a great trip. Hugs & Happy PS from the UK.

Connie said...

The purse is darling, sugar!!!! I'd love to make one but I have so many now I doubt I'll be doing another one.
Happy pink saturday,

LADY JANE said...

Love it! Can not wait to see your other re-creates...have a great trip!

Kathleen Ellis said...

Adorable! you've got a great creative spirit! Have fun on your escapades!
Have a beautiful weekend~
;-D Kathleen

Pondside said...

I'm not quite sure how I found you, but I'm glad I have. I too, am in the middle of a very ugly guest room makeover, so I'll pop back in to see how you're doing. Mine has to be ready by April 27th!

Rebecca said...

It's fabulous my friend! Happy Pink Saturday to simply talented YOU!


On Crooked Creek said...

Darling handbag, darling! You are such a cleaver lady...enjoy your journey to Oregon.

Tricia said...

This is an amazing and beautiful purse! I think it is wonderful how you repurposed things to make it out of. I would love to see a tutorial. I've made a few purses, but nothing like this. Happy PS!


At The Picket Fence said...

Fabulous and so creative Mary! Thank you so much for sharing it with us at Inspiration Friday this week! :-)

FineArtPainting said...

really great!!!!
i am inviting you to come guest blog at FineCraftGuild with the article 'how NOT to make a ruffle bag'. that would be so perfect.

i love your work as well as your source of inspiration.


Judy said...

That bag really came out amazing. I just love everything about it. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and follow me back at www.diybydesign.blogspot.com. Thanks so much.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Mary, that is SOOOO cute, and you are SOOOO smart! I can't believe you even lined the inside, and made pockets! I'm really impressed. Girl, you could sell these! Love it. Thanks for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

This looks lovely. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas!

Nama Halacy's Comfy Cottage said...

That is seriously the cutest purse I have ever seen and I am a purse person so I know!! haha!! Seriously it is way cuter than your inspiration purse, I love, love it! Excellent job, you talented little girl!!

Sunghee said...

No way!!! This is an amazing transformation! Can't believe you even made the pockets inside. WOW!!! I have a similar tote and I'm so inspired by you! WOW!

dollystar said...

DEslumbrante esse projeto; a idéia de reciclagem de materiais é fantástica com efeito final único!
Parabéns Dolly


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